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Sunrise and blue jeans

To the girl of last year, leaving Holland with a 40lt backpack, a wounded heart and no destination nor direction, today I say Well done, Chiara While soft lights embrace me all over, I see my heart smiling and can’t resist smiling back at it. There is a special silence in all the things when first lights send darkness to…


New beginnings

A couple of months ago, I settled myself in the Algarve through a permaculture volunteering project. I was as empty as a bottle of water left covered by desert sand for weeks. It was the second stop of a solo travel with no final destination. This trip had nothing to do with moving from places to places to snap pictures…


The girl with a red typewriter

There was a time when nothing could be written down. This went on for a couple of years. It was only happening those times when was a physical need. Throwing out pains, loves and maybe calamities. All at once. A full night asleep, staring at the moon and crying my soul out. Two old lovers meeting again after long time they…