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Walking in Ayutthaya

  After just 20 mins sleep for a whole night, I decided to sign up for a full day tour to the old capital of Thailand, Ayutthaya. Guided day tours are not really my style of traveling and I knew that the city is easily reachable from Bangkok via train (it’s about 80 km far). However, in all fairness, I…

The traveller’SidEffect

It is a hard period for me. I can’t deny it – at least to myself – and I feel that no one is understanding me. I know that the only ones who can understand me are people who have been on a road with a backpack for some time. Before my wanderlust time, I wasn’t even keen to travel…

Lives of P.

This is the place where there is no time. Four days are like four months. Five hours can be five weeks. There is no time because it’s only you who makes the clock ticking. Nothing has to do with the calendar.