Tag: philosophy

The brain watcher

Brain watching, unlikely bird watching, is my favourite hobby when the bad, uncomfortable, unnecessary thoughts start to kick in. I can already feel it in the air before the time. Maybe it’s when I am a bit tired or maybe I had drunk too much the night before. Regardless of the cause I may want to look for, it never has…


Souls of my days

There are eyes crossing mine, every day. Smiles disguising horrors. Laughs so loud that can make a house shaking. Then I accidentally listen to the quickest movements and suddenly big truths strip the silky veils. When I catch dark lights right on a blink of an eye. What I truly adore about my everyday is meeting the eyes of all…


A new approach to Philosophy

When I hear the word philosophy, an entire universe filled with wonders opens in front of my eyes. When I hear the word philosophy, I still recall that September day of about 15 years ago, when a small and tanned teacher entered the classroom carrying a heavy book. White pages pinned with a blue hard cover showing the statue of a…