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The days we live

…aren’t like invisible small dots on a plain canvas of possibilities? But still, how much do they really matter to ourselves? Working towards the things I love is what helps me to make sense of my dry, daily performances. It is very easy to feel great when travelling full time or out of any responsibilities but as of now, my…


I knew this day would have come

The day I am exactly where I wanted to be.   I quit my job because I want to be in a warm place. I quit my job because for the last couple of months I used to wake up with a rusted grip inside. The issue was not my office nor my colleagues. The issue was with my own…


Breaking my old shell

I had this dream some weeks ago. There were many people and there was a friend of mine among them. This guy has big, hypnotic eyes. All I could see into this crowd were just his eyes. These two big and bright brown eyes sparkling in the middle of a silent and confusing amount of unknown people. Like owls popping out from dark…