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My life inside a 40LT backpack

Even if I wouldn’t name myself an experienced traveller and backpacker, I want to share my saying about packing my life into a 40LT backpack with the forecast of being in warm countries for a couple of months. This was part of my wardrobe until a few days ago:                     I tried to…


Year 2016 and living without a smartphone

I was raised staring at my dad working on and with a Commodore 64. Sweet memories of a tiny little curious kid sitting on his lap for hours and hours. Besides being close to him, I only wanted to know how drawings of small drawers could be moved inside a magic box. I remember fights with my brother and my cousin few…


Why I chose to leave Sicily

Maastricht, 16/10/2015 So many people that I met on my way often asked me : why did you choose to leave your Sicily? You have summer 9 months a year, the best food and people are “relaxed” (To me, the way we live down there is being lazy more than relaxed!) Many people immigrate, or do migrations abroad, or whatever…