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Year 2016 and living without a smartphone

I was raised staring at my dad working on and with a Commodore 64. Sweet memories of a tiny little curious kid sitting on his lap for hours and hours. Besides being close to him, I only wanted to know how drawings of small drawers could be moved inside a magic box. I remember fights with my brother and my cousin few…



An awakening on reality which comes straight when you pull yourself back into normality.

Toxic people (and how to detox)

By toxic people, we mean any human being who has a negative effect on you. That could cover any category: a colleague poisoning your day at work, a relative creating a Greek drama for every single decision you make, a neighbour letting his dog using your garden as a daily toilet. There is not a specific, single item that can exactly gather…


A time for yourself

A magazine piece that I wrote for a college assessment in Dublin in 2013.