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My feet are itching!

My latest and greatest effort is staying faithful to a life of dreams and authentic things while living in a society and loaded in a dry corporation . Days go by because hours of my life are ticking on the clock of my biological life which won’t last forever. But yet, while everyone next to me is talking about getting married…


Breaking my old shell

I had this dream some weeks ago. There were many people and there was a friend of mine among them. This guy has big, hypnotic eyes. All I could see into this crowd were just his eyes. These two big and bright brown eyes sparkling in the middle of a silent and confusing amount of unknown people. Like owls popping out from dark…


Getting ready for my death

We never think about dying. We are living our days so busy about doing things – whose utility I would love to talk about for hours – and we think this is how will always be. Everything goes for granted. Health, wealth, house, job, whatever. People. But we are not cars, we are not furniture, we are anything permanent. We may…