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The days we live

…aren’t like invisible small dots on a plain canvas of possibilities? But still, how much do they really matter to ourselves? Working towards the things I love is what helps me to make sense of my dry, daily performances. It is very easy to feel great when travelling full time or out of any responsibilities but as of now, my…


2017 – Forgetting the limit of your limit

A couple of hours and 2016 is definitively in the past. How many times you heard this sentence today? Maybe after more than thirty 31st Decembers, you start longing for them less than usual. You can also aim to more alcohol so that you are already happy and prepared before midnight knocks on the door. I don’t know you and how…


Getting ready for my death

We never think about dying. We are living our days so busy about doing things – whose utility I would love to talk about for hours – and we think this is how will always be. Everything goes for granted. Health, wealth, house, job, whatever. People. But we are not cars, we are not furniture, we are anything permanent. We may…