Dear friend,

first of all, I am sorry for this mess. I am a very untidy person. Maybe I like too many things! Lots of travellers get to this website hoping to find a travel blog.

I am afraid this is not a website for travel tips.

Travelling to me is an aesthetic experience, not ticking places off a page.
What does interest me is the inner journey.

Yes, I love traveling but I also try to plan as little as possible.
I love taking pictures but I use to forget many things.

So what to expect here?
THOUGHTS is loaded with personal rambling based also on travels.
PASSION/OBSESSIONS covers multiple subjects (from grieve to alternative ways of living).
The pieces covered in PLACES have diverse nature as well (from hiking to mindfulness), similar to THINGS I LOVED DOING, even though in this latter section you will find volunteer experiences.
BOOKS is a work in progress for my two next books. It hosts a fairly new sub-section ‘the writing affair’, started ever since I’ve been writing full time.

In short, when something shifts inside or outside, I record it here. When I feel especially grateful, I also write about it here. When I visit a place and I love or hate it for any reason, I’ll likely write it down here. And when I am sad or feeling helpless, you will also read it here. My suggestion is to use tags or the search bar on the homepage.


I hope you enjoy this journey!
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