Dear friend,

This is not a website for travel tips.

Traveling to me is an existential experience, not ticking places off a page. It’s not about the money I spend, the things I do or the 48hours in a city list (which I never follow).
What does interest me is the inner journey.

Yes, I love traveling but I also try to plan as little as possible.
I love taking pictures but I use to forget many things.

So what to expect here? The nature of my writing tends to be made of reflections and a record of personal experiences based also on travels.
Here you can read lots of things, probably too many as every good marketer would say.
But hey, who cares? I am a bit of a mess too and I love this place because reflects me very well! 🙂

I am moody and I will never know when my next article will be out because I don’t plan my content. I don’t have any marketing idea behind this platform which was born to record my journey on a more ‘exposed’ way.
There’s no reading niche and never will be because I write for everyone and for the simple pleasure of amusing myself.

When something shifts inside or outside, I record it here. When I feel especially grateful, I also write about it here. When I visit a place and I love it for any reason, I’ll likely write it down here. And when I am sad or feeling helpless, you will also read it all here. There are categories for different days, moods and things I do but my suggestion is to use tags on the homepage to navigate the content.

The aim? To develop and grow but above all, to enjoy this journey!
We are all different. We have different ways of living, travelling and writing down our experiences, our lessons. So f*** the rules. 
For whoever is happy to travel along with me, these wor(l)ds are all yours!
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