Who is Chiara?

Hello everyone and welcome to my worlds! I am the girl with a red typewriter tattoo and my name is Chiara. #32

This place is for every friend who wants to stop by but especially for those who need that bit of courage to jump in life. Born in September 2015 as my online journal, it will always follow a natural flow, either when I am let down by storms or kidnapped by beautiful dances. 2015 was when I started a nomadic lifestyle and reduced the number of things I owned.

In my experience, deleting everyone else expectations brought to a slow process of self-acceptance. It did set me free.

Once you flavour freedom, trust me, you will never want to let it go again.

I have now come to terms that travelling and writing is home for me, but it has not always been this easy. There are days, even now, that isn’t easy to accept me. I am writing a travel memoir on this subject. I also write poetry, waiting to find a home.

This is my a humble invitation to live the life you truly wish for you. A life that is full of adventures and interesting things for youYou can be perfectly at ease by staying where you are, doing whatever you have been doing all your life. We all have different wishes and I hope you are already contented. But if something is missing, remember that waiting for a miracle won’t change the way things are. It does take some courage and craziness to leave situations behind but sometimes not changing your present is a silent and slow suicide.

Everything that is manageable and is not as you want it – you have the power to change it. Everything that is not manageable and it’s not as you want it – you should start to accept it. Or let it go.

We should grab the courage to create the life we want. This is one of the things travelling teaches me. To live life at the fullest and feel thrilled. There is so much beauty we aren’t able to appreciate. Travelling is not just about passport stamps. It’s about the stories of those people who cross our path and inspire us. It’s a shared feeling of belonging which doesn’t need a place but it’s tangible. When you leave your home with an open mind and learn to welcome what is different as unique, something magic starts to occur.

I want to go on wandering this planet while keep on wondering about all the things. I am a brat who doesn’t want to grow up not because I fear responsibilities but because I have the right to create the life I want. 

I hope one day our paths will come across. Until then,

– Chiara ^.^



  One thought on “Who is Chiara?

  1. Rogerio
    September 28, 2017 at 11:19 am

    Hi… I tried to find a contact here… but only by this way 🙂
    I am Rogerio, the gut with a “hard” moments in sintra in almaa 🙂

    I would like to share with you a few things that we talked about… I lived my contact on the folowers of this blog

    bye 🙂


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