Who is Chiara?

Hello everyone and welcome to my worlds!

I am the girl with a red typewriter tattoo and my name is Chiara. #32

This place is for every friend who wants to stop but especially for those who need that bit of courage to jump in life.

This platform was born in September 2015 as my official online journal. It is the public mirror which will help me to know myself better while I will hopefully help you to do the same, too.

Chiarasworlds will always follow the flow through which I am expanding and growing, either when I am let down by heavy storms or when I am kidnapped by sudden beautiful dances. This place will always be in constant change because so am I.

Eleven years ago I suddenly found myself in a very difficult situation after I lost my mom. She died of cancer almost out of the blue. I lost the sense of reality and I switched from a life full of wealth and beautiful things to a kind of living that was merely breathing. I had alcohol issues, I shared part of my life with someone who was a heroin user and an outlaw, living on the edge of desperation. In the end, he also started to beat me.

After a long time of absorbing a reality which for sure was not mine, one day I put together all the strength I had left and started all over again. I decided to move to Ireland and slowly found back what does it mean to live. I spent four years there and it was very difficult at the beginning. I had anxiety problems. I had to go through hell and back to understand how to live a life on my own. 

This move was the first one which acted as a springboard to connect myself with the person I am. I started to listen to what is that I really want to do in my life, how I want to live my days and what I have to do to change what I don’t like about my present.

This is my a humble invitation to live the life you truly wish for you. A life that is full of adventures and interesting things for you.

You can be perfectly at ease by staying where you are, doing whatever you have been doing all your life. We all have different wishes and I hope you are already contented with what you have.

But if something is missing, I hope you won’t be waiting for a miracle but be always aware of each and every day passing by.

It does take some courage and a bit of craziness to leave situations behind but sometimes it brings to madness and destruction not to change your present.

I made it as many others before me and I am sure you can do it too. For as absurd as it may seem, the power of your thoughts is much bigger than what is generally said. 

It really is a matter of setting the right mood, being mindful and staying with an open heart towards whoever is crossing your way but in order to do that you also have to find satisfaction in what you do.

For everything that is manageable and is not as you want it – you have the power to change it.

For everything that is not manageable and it’s not as you want it – slowly start to accept it.

In my experience, when I started accepting myself was the moment I started to love me for the person I am. Deleting everyone’s else expectations and desires they had for me if they weren’t matching with mine – without feeling guilty.

That is when the flavour of freedom really began to caress. Savour it once for never let it go again.

And since I started travelling, I was amazed by how many beautiful people are living on this planet, despite what TV says. People who have been knowing you for one day or one year: they are equally capable of love and they often are ready to give you a hand.

I want to go on discovering, wandering this planet while keep on wondering about the beauties surrounding me. I want to be the bad kid who doesn’t want to grow up not because I fear responsibilities but because I have the right to create the life I want. 

I wish that one day our paths will come across so that you can tell me how you are living the life you want. 

– Chiara ^.^



  One thought on “Who is Chiara?

  1. Rogerio
    September 28, 2017 at 11:19 am

    Hi… I tried to find a contact here… but only by this way 🙂
    I am Rogerio, the gut with a “hard” moments in sintra in almaa 🙂

    I would like to share with you a few things that we talked about… I lived my contact on the folowers of this blog

    bye 🙂


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