Why do we writers write?

Because there’s a need – to make sense of our life.

I write because I am a writer and like most writers, if things aren’t written down, I don’t understand them.

For me, it’s about letting a story unfold and being able to amuse myself. Because if I cry and laugh and fall in love reading my stuff, I hope my readers will do the same.

Writing a book becomes real when we surrender to the joy of writing, for the sake of becoming someone who can write better.

I spent years thinking I wanted to become a writer.

And here I am – I am writing a travel memoir.

Now I know I am a writer. Not because I need to say it out loud but because there’s nothing else I am doing in my days.

I am writing to tell the story to myself and while I am doing it, I am discovering what is really that I wanna say. It’s the most beautiful thing – and it is exhausting.

I am learning to have fun with the process and all that it takes. Especially those days when all my mind says is:

“Sorry…you can’t do this! It’s too hard. You should come back to your old boring life. Go to an office, get a decent payslip, have a normal life…”

And weep over drunken weekends – my heart responds.

Because somewhere, deep inside myself, I know I would cheat myself. Again.

To starve a normal life in order to feed my soul makes me tremendously happy.

I know there is one single thing I have to do.

Keep writing.

(And f*** everything else)


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