2017 – Forgetting the limit of your limit

A couple of hours and 2016 is definitively in the past. How many times you heard this sentence today?

Maybe after more than thirty 31st Decembers, you start longing for them less than usual.

You can also aim to more alcohol so that you are already happy and prepared before midnight knocks on the door.

I don’t know you and how you are all doing right now. There is one big and bright desire I have for everyone and it is pumping loudly from my heart. Climbing the flesh of my trachea and dressed as a breath, it needs to rock and freak out through the vein of my mouth and scream as a kid unwrapping the Xmas gift on a December 25th just for you to know:

I am the happiest person on this planet!!

Question is – how did i get to this day?

Well – it took me a couple of months of serious struggles. Months of thinking, calculating and looking at things from far away.

A couple of more months listening to my inner voice screaming inside for freedom while it was fighting the outside world – like the bravest chevalier. The kind of world that looks for certainty and a house and maybe a boyfriend who wants you to stay. And you are there all alone, trying to swallow all this, while dreaming about living on a 40LT backpack and a laptop for writing adventures.

2017 is here and I am more free than ever only because I found the courage to wipe my own tears with the fruit of my courage.

The courage to listen to myself and to keep on going through the darkest days no-matter-what.

The courage to remember that I was not even 14 years old the first time I was crying for leaving after my first school trip came to an end.

The same courage that turned into need to listen to my body – when simply listening to my soul wasn’t enough.

Sometimes, when you are very confused, it is really a matter of stop doing things to see what is coming out from the deepest part of yourself.

My plan when I moved to the Netherlands was to save as much as possible and head off for travels in January 2017. My destiny did not let me save as much as I wanted to – but you know what?

Feck off…we live once!

If on February day 1 I will be dead because of a car accident, I will die smiling. Because I’d be dying doing exactly what I wanted to do.

So here I am folks. One more month and I am off for new adventures. New travels. New places. New people.

I wish I would be able to fund myself enough for not to stop for longer than I feel in a certain somewhere. That is the truly wish I have. But you’ll never know in life what is going to happen. Who you will meet tomorrow.

This is probably the most valuable lesson I learnt in 2015 when travelling solo.

This uncertainty which can lead to awesomeness is one of the things I probably miss most of those days.

At this time of my life, I wish for nothing more than travelling for discovering new places and for helping those friends I still have to meet.

I think the last time I was feeling so full of life was the day I stopped here more than eleven months ago.

Freedom, like the most tender feather, is caressing the edge of my left ear while whispering

Chiara…now you are free to fly into your worlds again…go and get them well..and write them all!

Please. This 2017 stop saying Happy New Year on Facebook that is as fake as the brightest shop window on sale the day before Xmas.

Simply have a talk with yourself and if there is something you need to sort, or finish, or start or end so that you can feel truly happy…please..don’t procrastinate for another 365 days because you may not be given the chance of seeing them.

Just hug yourself, love yourself for who you are and what you feel inside.

And do the damn thing!

Remember – I am with you 🙂


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