Don’t hang that rope forever

Somehow, the sweet pain of him is waving goodbye. The nights you used to spend sleepless looking for Morpheus, blaming a full moon which you knew wasn’t the reason, are getting less in numbers.

Suddenly, there is much more room in your head for you. Before was mainly full of him. “Fool” of him.

Eventually comes a time when “enough is enough” and all the curtains shut down. If you are reading these lines and you know it’s not like this yet, trust me. One day will be like this also for you.

How many times have you heard or read these words though?

Somehow, the sweet pain of him will start waving goodbye – one day.

You will realize how your focus will be tired to go somewhere it’s not welcomed. There will be one day when all your unintentional behaviours will speak the truth. And then, that same day you will still love him so much, but as a tired knight in the darkest night of the battle, you will surrender.

Be happy and rejoice to admit to yourself that you are not Leonidas. This is not 300 and you have just one life.

Take good care of yourself.

Work for patience. Meditate on your pain. Watch it.

You need to accept your pain and everything that is inside you. You have to take care of yourself like your mother would do. Like he would have done some time ago.

Don’t blame the world, don’t blame your miserable destiny, don’t blame your life. These are all worthless comments which won’t do any better than feeding your anger. Don’t listen to your girlfriends when will put all the blame on him.

Love can start and can end. Period.

I think we are hard on allowing our past loves to go because they were so beautiful. Because maybe we are still in love, despite reality. We could walk back to that road where we left them. Where they actually left us. We would have never done that – remember.

We would still run towards them and hug them. And kiss them softly and deeply like the very first time.

But you know, this is what we have inside us. It is not with them anymore. This is the hard reality. There is an old movie going on in our head and it is just ours. All the world, all the universe can’t see it. Because it is not reality anymore.

No one has the right to cancel his or her own individuality to chase a balloon blowing away with the wind. It was beautiful when we could play together, but we can’t hang that rope forever.

At the slightest tremble of our fingers, it had left us.

I think we are hard on allowing our past loves to go because even keeping that sweet, familiar pain, it is a way to cuddle ourselves. Our own way.

I think, this point reached, couldn’t it be better to be spoiled by someone else, don’t you think so? 🙂





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