For ever free

I will always, only be myself.

I will never be afraid anymore to be always and only myself.

For not caring about what the others think of me. For not thinking about the future too much. For trying to forget my past. For living my present.

For believing in myself. For standing up always, with a smile on my face.

For accepting me. For forgiving me, always.

For saying “yes” to my guts, to my heart. For being real, natural and bit crazy.

For being a passionate lover, a sweetheart and a lovely person with everyone. For forgetting all my friends when advice me to not to be like that all the time. Even with the scary strangers I don’t know, because I talk to them. Because I say I want to hug the smelly homeless at the train station. For thinking about love as my first priority. For allowing my heart to pump with a lot of passion. For sucking my mind when starts to shout too much. For letting my energies show off free. For freeing my body, naked as a primordial breath.

For considering my real happiness. For fucking all my money and all my stuff without thinking because we are talking about stuff, after all. For living every moment as if I should choke the next one.For laughing hard from the deepest part of my belly.

For being almost 32 and still stopping on my way to work – just for the chirp of a bird.

And feeling so happy for being in late.
For being free – forever free!





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