Why I chose to leave Sicily

Maastricht, 16/10/2015

So many people that I met on my way often asked me : why did you choose to leave your Sicily? You have summer 9 months a year, the best food and people are “relaxed” (To me, the way we live down there is being lazy more than relaxed!)

Many people immigrate, or do migrations abroad, or whatever you wanna call them, they just pack their home and leave.

I think I am inside a category that is “pretty lucky”, as I am not living abroad because of a job that is missing in Sicily. Ok, don’t get me wrong, it is HARD to get a job there. You need to get to know someone who helps you, this is for sure. This is probably the first reason that distresses me. I hate this kind of “servilism” that in Italy is basically the norm – and I can affirm it is especially something that belongs to  the south of the country. I think I am a capable human being, with an education and with capabilities to work and to succeed in the things I am looking forward to doing. I don’t understand why I should go “begging” a job to someone only because this is the way it works. Sadly, under my point of view, this is the way it works not only for jobs. Everything you need to do in Sicily is a “community” thing, in the worst meaning of the word – I love communism and the concept of community but I think I am still able to book a hospital visit or to get through some bureaucratic procedure when I need to. That is why I always try to avoid to do things in Sicily: every time, someone has to be involved. “Oh, you need to get that paper sorted? Let me talk to my brother-in-law, he works only 15 blocks next to that office! For sure he knows someone in there!” Thank you very much but I really don’t like this. I am an independent person and I don’t like when too many people know about my private stuff without I am putting a consent on it. I love saying “thank you”, but I don’t like feeling oppressed with everyone else’s  presence – which is not, believe me, always done for “free”.

I have to say a big thanks to my family for the education I received when I was a kid, as they were able to raise me with the idea that freedom is what really counts most in a person’s life. If you are the only one responsible of your choices, at the end of the day, you won’t need to say thanks to anyone else. I like to underline the word need here, as it it’s not absence of humility but something intrinsic with the idea of servilism and freedom. People who are not familiar with this kind of system, will probably need more reflection (or watch once again the Godfather’s movie 😉

So why I left Sicily then? For all of the above reasons and because I want to be free. Free from the place where I was born, free to express myself as I please and free to make my own “mistakes” (I call them experiences) whenever I want to.

Probably everyone who shares my same point of view, regardless where he/she comes from, can say the same. I love being in a place and re-invent my life anytime I want to. Is it not true, by the way, that we change all the time? I do change all the time and every past of my days is not the same of the one that is going to come tomorrow.

There’s too much to see in this world and living in my birthplace – or anywhere close to it – I feel it makes me coming back to a period of my life that is now a book of memories which I want to treasure as strongly as the way I built it.

I want to live in a civilized place, where people say “thanks” and “please” and find good reasons to wake up in the morning and be happy – even with absolutely nothing. It is not only a matter of wealth, it is an attitude. I want to live in places where people are active and take care about their health and the way they dress and yes, who strive for the best. I like people who have open minds and don’t stare at the neighbour all the time because “he looks weird” or “he’s married and got in with 2 girls”.

I know this last sentence doesn’t apply just in Sicily but everywhere in the world – more or less. The difference is that, once you are far from home ( especially if your home is in Sicily), you can afford the behaviour of absolutely don’t give a damn about everything that is irrelevant to you: about what the others do, about what you do.The only person you have to give explanations is just yourself, your inner voice, your moral code and your instincts. I started to taste this beautiful feeling when I moved to Ireland and honestly – I won’t change it for anything else! For anyone else different than me that has a problem with something that he/she does OR with what I do, it is still their problem, not mine.

So now, are you still wondering why I chose to live Sicily or if I chose to be free? 🙂


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