Writing and the Irish

Irish people will always be in my heart. From the very first time I got to know them, I fell in love with their unique way of being. It was the summer of 2004 and I was hitch hiking around the island for a couple of weeks, I had no idea why I chose to go there – to the south exactly (Cork city). One day I just went to my parents like

Hey, please provide me some cash…I am going to Ireland for the summer!

It was love at first sight. Friendly, some of them very genuine, good and warm hearted people. There is something about their way of being shy and helpful and super polite that fascinates me. Some weird peculiarity that makes them very different from the English and a lot lovable. You just can’t love them enough!

I love when they blush and say things very compactly, discreetly. I have wonderful, lifetime treasures that I keep in my heart, as the Irish land for me was the place of my better turning point, after years of darkness.

It was where I would have stayed in 2004 if my mother was not sick. One day I decided to finish my wandering – hitchhiking – hippie lifestyle and decided to get back to Sicily. But I remember that rainy day of August when I was leaving Dublin and I thought one day, I will move here and I will live here.

When I eventually made it, they gave me everything back I had lost in the previous years.

They made me question and accept the fruits of my decision.

They let me gain back the confidence in myself and the will to take care of myself.

Thanks to them I realized I am able to challenge all the risks and to wait for the beautiful things that still have to come into my life.

Because – as they would add:

Feck it…it’ll be grand!!


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