The importance of having less

In July 2015 one morning I entered the room which used to be my bedroom for 4 years in Dublin.

I was back there after 3 months of hopping Greece. I had a golden tan, a CELTA certificate in my pocket and all the eyes of the people I met on the road still in front of mine.

I felt disgusted when I realized how many things were in a few square metres without me having the smallest clue about.

So many euros on those shelves, so many other ones sewed in those clothes that I had to buy, because they were on sale. Bargain as they call them. So many things I didn’t even unpack, buried among fresher items.

I felt overwhelmed, coming back from my trip, through which so much I realized and became aware of.

Even before this experience, I always had thought that memories and emotions are the things that really count. I don’t care about taking pictures, I don’t care about bringing home a flower that has to leave its grass, I don’t bring home something that generally looks so beautiful to be subtracted from everyone else pleasure. And yes, I don’t care if my mobile phone is broken, if my brand new washing machine doesn’t work. I don’t care if I would lose a big amount of money.

I feel I am made of flesh, blood and heart and I don’t like the idea of sick possessions. The ones that are not useful, when you don’t own the things but they end up owning you.

By travelling on my own, an idea started to grow naturally inside me. It soon became desire of living the moment and forgetting about all the cliches we are normally accustomed with. Several really interesting encounters (emotionally, brain-ly and almost spiritually), played the determinant role in helping me to free myself. First of all from my past and from my own prejudices.

I never felt better in my life as in that moment. Having this kind of realization awakened inside me the idea of how things are liable and how the economical system, our welfare and a long-life habit, can make us addicted and dependant on them, in the same way that a person can be addicted to heroin.

This is a serious matter and the comparison is not exaggerate. I know people would kill someone for the reaction of having lost the mobile phone. I know people who can cry or get panic attacks if some technical device is gone, or not working, or temporary off. Or with no battery.

Why is all that? What’s the real meaning of the things we give to plastic, glass, pixels, shoes-inches?

To me, ever since after those 3 months, It’s all about the importance of being free from those things that don’t belong to us.

Only memories do stay, because no matter how many years will go by, we will always remember our first time, our first kiss, our first boyfriend’s perfume.

Those are the things which we carry in the best backpack we were ever gifted of and we should always feed – that is our soul.



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